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Stamps Mandala

VND1,700,000 VND850,000

A box of stamps on the theme of Mandalas to decline to infinity a multitude of patterns that will be ready to be colored. This box contains 56 wooden stamps and 8 inks of different colors. Model included.

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Age : 3 yo+

Material : Wood

Dimensions: 31x16x4 cm

Contain: 56 wood stamps, 8 ink (2.5cmx2.5cm) et 8 modeles (14x14cm)



Deep in the heart of the Jura surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests, French toy company Vilac has been making wooden toys in classic, old-world style with contemporary colours and designs since 1911. Vilac toys appeal to each generation of children because the brand has managed to ally its inimitable savoir-faire with a noble material: wood. Their toys are unique, never go out of fashion and have lasting appeal for all generations. Wooden toys don’t break - instead they wear over the course of time and can be passed on. Vilac nourishes children’s imaginative play with animated, joyful characters and reinterpretations of classic toys that will stand up to wear and tear.

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