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Baby Bed Bumper Liberty Alice Pink

VND3,500,000 VND1,750,000

Baby bed bumper with on side in Liberty Alice Pink and 1 side plain color.

This bumper creates softness and harmony in your baby’s bed, thanks to the beautiful color of the liberty. It keeps your baby’s limbs from slipping between the crib slats or your baby’s head from banging against the sides. The color are soft and poetic and will help your baby fall asleep in an enchanting bed!

The Alice Liberty bumper is made of the finest cotton.

The ties are of regulatory length and are in Liberty Alice.

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Color: 1 side in Liberty Alice Pink and 1 side plain color.

Materiel: Cotton and Hypoallergenic

Easy to wash

Dimension 30 X 210 cm

Made in France


Luciole et Cie

Luciole and Cie creates textile accessories for babies and kids. Especially, the baby sleeping bag and a French favorite, the crib bumper pad is much-loved by new mothers. Its cushioned contours create a thick barrier against drafts, and will keep your baby’s head from hitting the crib posts. Their textile are very soft and high quality poetic cotton. All products are manufactured with the utmost care in a French factory employing about 100 seamstresses. All Products are French made and conform to safety standard. The “plus” on this brand is the composition of the accessories is high quality and hypoallergenic. All zippers are approved for child care. Luciole and Cie is all about your kid’s room. Your kid will have a perfect and safe sleep thanks to Luciole and Cie items.