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Animal stamp cards

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All the creatures of the forest have lost their colours! Help them to get them back by stamping scales, feathers or leaves using the stamps. This kit contains 6 superb illustrations to stamp (owl, fish, fox, hedgehog, tree and butterfly) and 11 stamps of different shapes and colours. This activity is perfect for shape and colour recognition. It helps stimulate fine motor skills and develop logic. Cards : 20 x 20 cm. Instructions leaflet in 7 languages (French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Russian). Gift box with fabric handle and foam wedge inside.

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Age: 3-6 yo+

Dimensions:Cards : 20 x 20 cm

Material: Cardboard

Accessories: 6 illustrations, 11 stamps



Janod is a French brand specializing in the creation of traditional toys and games from wood and cardboard. Recognized for having a distinguished and ageless look with innovative yet traditional products, Janod invents new features and develops creativity to craft enduring toys and games with a graphic edge, which is the core of their culture and collections.